Can systems research shift thinking, policy and practice and how?

30 October 2015

RESYST’s co-research director, Professor Kara Hanson, presented this week at an event hosted by the UK Collaborative on Development Sciences. UKCDS is a group of 14 UK government departments and research funders who devote an increasing proportion of their budget to systems research. The event, first of a five part series, seeks to explore the challenges common to systems research across various thematic fields and disciplines.

Drawing from her experiences at RESYST Professor Kara Hanson asked: What can education system research learn from health system research?

Her presentation outlined:

  • common characteristics and system level challenges health and education share
  • conceptual approaches developed by health system researchers to understand and analyse systems
  • challenges of system level research
  • advisory steps to develop the field of education systems research

Professor Kara Hanson’s presentation