Health Financing and Governance Knowledge Synthesis Workshop

22-23 March, Abuja, Nigeria

26 March 2018

In March 2018, RESYST and the Health Policy and Research Group (HPRG) hosted a two-day workshop to showcase evidence from topical studies on health financing and health system governance in Nigeria.

The workshop, attended by researchers, key decision makers and health system actors, provided an opportunity to synthesise evidence and discuss how it could be used to strengthen the Nigerian health system at all levels of government.

The first day focused on health financing and included technical presentations on:

The second day covered health systems governance, in particular:

  • RESYST governance work
  • Accountability mechanisms for the BHCPF
  • Gender and leadership in health systems
  • Challenges to increasing male involvement in prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV/AIDS
  • The impact of evidence on health system decision making
  • Challenges and opportunities for improving health system governance

Each day of presentations were followed by a participatory session where attendees were encouraged to share experiences and knowledge in order to synthesise the findings and establish clear next steps for getting the research into policy and practice.

Workshop participants received knowledge packs which draw together findings from research presented at the workshop. Follow the links below to access those key resources.

  • Policy brief: Implementing the Basic Health Care Provision Fund in Nigeria: A framework for accountability and good governance
  • Research brief: Strategic purchasing for Universal Health Coverage: The Nigerian Formal Sector Social Health Insurance Programme
  • Research brief: Strategic purchasing for Universal Health Coverage: The public integrated health system in Enugu State, Nigeria
  • Topic overview: What is strategic purchasing for health?
  • Key findings sheet: What facilitates strategic purchasing for health system improvement?
  • Key findings sheet: What is everyday health system resilience and how might it be nurtured?
  • Policy brief: Raising domestic resources for health: can tax revenue help fund Universal Health Coverage?
  • Research brief: Gender stereotypes and inequities in health care leadership: Perceptions and experiences of senior managers in Nigeria