Highlights from the RESYST annual meeting 2017

16 – 20 October, Bangkok, Thailand

02 November 2017

For five days, in October 2017, RESYST partners, invited speakers and policy makers gathered in Bangkok for the Consortium’s annual meeting. The meeting provided an opportunity for RESYST members to share research findings across the consortium and to make plans for the year ahead. It was also a great platform for sharing the research with regional policymakers from Bhutan, Laos and Myanmar.

The action-packed programme included keynote addresses from external speakers for each of the key thematic areas of RESYST research:

  • Tolib Mirzoev: Strengthening governance to improve health system responsiveness and resilience
  • Joe Kutzin: Impoving health system performance through health care financing
  • Manoj Mohanan: Training, supporting and retaining a resilient and responsive health workforce

The programme of events also included two sessions on intersectionality led by Rosemary Morgan, from RinGs.  These sessions introduced intersectional research approaches and participants were encouraged to think about how they could apply an intersectionality lens to their work. RESYST members are fortunate to have the opportunity to utilise support from RinGs in taking these intersectional approaches forward during the current extension phase.

During the meeting, attendees also visited the National Health Security Office (NHSO) to learn about the governance and development of in-house capacities for managing the Universal Coverage Scheme (UCS, a public health insurance fund that covers 47 million people living in Thailand). A series of talks from NHSO board members and representatives from NHSO regional offices gave insights into the NHSO governance structure, its function, achievements and challenges. The talks also shed light on how institutional capacities work such as human resources, information and supporting systems.

The RESYST annual meeting was a valuable opportunity to get together, share findings, discuss research and develop plans for the final year of the consortium. You can see more pictures from the annual meeting on our facebook page.