Kenneth Munge presents at RESYST annual meeting 2016

A new UHC Health Benefit Package Advisory Panel established in Kenya

14 June 2018

The Cabinet Secretary for the Ministry of Health in Kenya has constituted a UHC Health Benefit Package Advisory Panel for the design of an affordable, responsive health benefit package for the delivery of Universal Health Coverage. Among the 16 members, RESYST researchers Edwine Barasa and Kenneth Munge, will both sit on the panel that will run for the next two years.

The ten functions of the panel, presented in the announcement include:

  1. Developing a criteria, based on international best practices, to assess the inclusion and exclusion of services, drugs, commodities in the Kenya Universal Health Coverage Essential Benefit Package (UHC-EBP)
  2. Define an evidence-based benefit package for Kenyans under Universal Health Coverage, including a list of services to be prioritised taking into account the cost-effectiveness, impact on financial protection, and equity in access across the population.
  3. Assess the unit cost of the package of services and determine the cost and premiums for the essential health benefit package.
  4. Estimate the costs of providing selected health services in both public and private hospitals in order to inform the design of provider payment mechanisms that provide the appropriate mix of incentives to health providers.
  5. Propose the Benefit Package and provider payment rates for gazettement by the Cabinet Secretary.
  6. Develop a uniform pricing strategy, based on the principles of enabling equitable economic development, financial sustainability, economic efficiency and affordability.
  7. Define information requirements and establish processes to institutionalise routine collection of data that will be appropriate for pricing of health services and commodities.
  8. Define a framework for institutionalization of Health Technology Assesment (HTA)
  9. Propose the procedure for a consultative process with the view of maximising consensus on the implementation of a new pricing framework with all health sector stakeholders including: the private health sector, health professionals and consumer representatives.
  10. Perform any other function incidental to attainment of a competitive essential health benefits package as may be directed by the Cabinet Secretary.

The taskforce, led by Professor Gilbert Kokwaro, will begin work immediately and have 60 days to deliver a criterion for assessing the inclusion and exclusion of services, drugs, medical supplies and technologies and a list of services to prioritise in the Universal Health Coverage package.