Research uptake and digital communications workshop

RESYST held a workshop from 11-13 February 2018, for colleagues based at the International Health Policy Program in Bangkok, Thailand.

19 February 2018

The three-day course was led by Becky Wolfe and Sephy Valuks from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, who together are responsible for research uptake and communications for the RESYST consortium.

The workshop gave participants the opportunity to:

  • Develop a research uptake/digital communications strategy
  • Practice writing for the web
  • Plan and write a blog
  • Experiment with data visualisation and using photos
  • Practice using social media for research uptake

Examples from RESYST were shared with the group to illustrate how to put a strategy into action and to generate discussions of how participants could apply digital communications strategies to their own work.

By the end of the workshop participants had written a blog based on their own work, identified key messages for target audiences, produced complimentary visual materials for their blog and planned out how to share the blog through online channels.

One workshop participant, Hymn Sakol, wrote a blog based on research he has conducted with vulnerable populations in Thailand, the blog Nobody is safe from bullying against LGBTQ youth is just one example of the many great products arising from the workshop. Other participants wrote blogs on a range of topics including the health and economical benefits of hosting alcohol-free funerals in Thailand and the importance of raising soda tax in order to tackle obesity. 

The RESYST resource bank for research uptake has been updated to include new presentations and handouts on developing a digital communications strategywriting for the web and using photos. All presentations are also available to view and download on slideshare.