Dr Duane Blaauw

Dr Blaauw is a senior researcher at the Centre for Health Policy (CHP). He is a medical doctor and public health specialist with additional qualifications in medical science, tropical medicine, occupational health and public management. He has nearly 20 years of experience in supporting health service development at various levels of the public health system in South Africa with an emphasis on human resources, health policy analysis, health planning, health information systems and health management.

Dr Blaauw has been actively engaged in research since 1996. His early research focused on cancer epidemiology and the epidemiology of infectious diseases in South Africa. Since 2001 he has been working in health systems and health policy research at CHP. He has participated in a number of DFID-funded international collaborative research programmes on health systems and is the joint programme leader for human resources research on the current programme.

At CHP he has led the development of work on maternal health services and the application of organisational studies to health systems research. His current research interests include maternal health, human resources for health, health worker practice and motivation, incentives, discrete choice experiments and institutional economics.