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Blog - 30 March 2017

A journey to being Woman of the Year 2017 | by Shakira Choonara

Blog - 01 February 2017

Unpacking the effects of payment for performance on service provision in Tanzania | by Josephine Borghi and Peter Binyaruka

News - 30 January 2017

RESYST presentations at HSR2016

Presentations from the Fourth Global Symposium on Health Systems Research are now available online.

News - 11 January 2017

The Prince Mahidol Award Conference 2017

The PMAC international conference focusing on policy-related health issues of global significance will be held in Bangkok, Thailand from 29 January - 3 February, 2017.

News - 10 November 2016

RESYST e-posters at HSR2016

Take a look at the e-posters RESYST presented at HSR2016.

News - 21 October 2016

RESYST are excited to be at the Fourth Global Symposium on Health Systems Research

Be sure to catch all the RESYST sessions, presentations and posters at HSR2016, 14 -18 November 2016, Vancouver.

Blog - 11 October 2016

What is a learning site? | by Sephy Valuks

Brainstorming session kicks-off RESYST annual meeting with a bang

News - 05 October 2016

Why and how to approach universal health coverage from a public finance perspective in Africa?

Reflections from the WHO Pre-Conference Workshop at the 2016 African Health Economics and Policy Association Conference.

Blog - 28 September 2016

How do hospital managers set healthcare priorities in Kenya? | by Edwine Barasa

Priority setting, the distribution of resources among competing services, patients, and patient groups, remains a fundamental challenge for health system managers.

News - 28 September 2016

Participate in a UN survey to hold governments accountable for financial protection in health

Following the 2016 United Nations General Assembly, UHC coalition partners are encouraging your participation to secure the SDG indicator for financial protection in health.

News - 25 September 2016

African Health Economics and Policy Association Conference

RESYST members will present at the AFHEA fourth biennial Scientific Conference held in Rabat, Morocco, 26 – 29 September 2016.

News - 20 September 2016

Facebook live event from #UNGA2016

Join the Universal Health Coverage Facebook live event from the 71st United Nations General Assembly in New York City.

News - 14 September 2016

HPRG researchers’ recommendations make news

Researchers at the Health Policy Research Group met with 13 journalists from top media houses in Abuja to draw attention to the government delay in implementing the Basic Health Care Provision Fund.

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Blog - 06 July 2016

How can global communities contribute to the achievement of Universal Health Coverage?

Highlights from Viroj Tangcharoensathien’s keynote address at an international consultative meeting organised by the International Health Partnership (IHP+).

Blog - 27 June 2016

How can the private health sector contribute to Universal Health Coverage? | by Kara Hanson

RESYST's co-research director, Professor Kara Hanson has written a blog introducing the new Lancet series on Universal Health Coverage.