Impact stories

Our impact stories demonstrate how RESYST research is being used to influence health systems policies and practice. Many researchers have longstanding involvement in their country’s decision-making processes, both formally - as part of government organisations or on advisory committees, and informally through strong and long-lasting relationships with policymakers and practitioners. Through these mechanisms and others, we dedicate extensive efforts to share, discuss, debate and collaborate with stakeholders to facilitate research impact.

Development of new training tools to improve health planning and budgeting in Kenya

Misalignment between policy, planning and budgeting, can result in a failure of the government to achieve public sector targets - how have RESYST researchers addressed this in Kenya?

Helping to improve funding and financial autonomy of health facilities in Kilifi County, Kenya

Find out more about how health systems research has fed into the Kilifi County Health Facilities Improvement Fund Bill, 2016.

Achieving impact through teaching and learning: researchers convene new course for health systems managers

Find out more about the short course convened by Benjamin Tsofa and Edwine Barasa entitled ‘Understanding Complex Health Systems’.

Promoting strategic purchasing for Universal Health Coverage in South Africa

The Health Economics Unit, based at the University of Cape Town, has conducted research on strategic purchasing which is influencing reforms to make healthcare in South Africa more equitable and...

Discussing resilient health systems with Dr Margaret Chan: an interview with Shakira Choonara

Shakira Choonara, PhD fellow at the Centre for Health Policy, participated in a high-level panel on ‘Defeating Ebola and Building Up Systems for a Better Future’.

RESYST Webinar: Demonstrating Research Impact

In this webinar, Rebecca Wolfe, shares the approach that the RESYST Consortium has developed to track, monitor and describe the impact of its research on policy and practice.

Mapping Kemri Wellcome Trust RESYST researchers' influences on policy and practice

An infographic maps the diverse influences of RESYST researchers based at KEMRI-Wellcome Trust, at county and national levels in Kenya.

Shaping Nigeria's Roadmap to Universal Health Coverage

Find out how colleagues at Health Policy Research Group are playing a prominent role in implementation of the 2014 National Health Act (NHAct), a critical step towards Nigeria achieving UHC.