International Health Policy Program (IHPP), Thailand

The International Health Policy Program, Thailand (IHPP) is a semi-autonomous program conducting health policy and health system research to address priority health problems in Thailand and at the international level. The program, which is part of the Bureau of Policy and Strategy in the Ministry of Public Health, aims to improve the national health care system, through generating reliable evidence and integrating this evidence into policy processes in order to encourage evidence-based policy decisions.

Furthermore, the original aim of the program - to strengthen the capacity of Thai researchers to conduct high-quality and policy-relevant research, remains central to the Program, with research focusing on health care finance, economic evaluation, public health insurance and health policy analysis. During the last decade, IHPP has shown an outstanding record in health policy and systems research. It has identified and addressed key emerging issues in health systems with the application of tools such as health economics, health financing, and health policy analysis.


Dr Weerasak Putthasri,
International Health Policy Program,
Ministry of Public Health,
weerasak [at] ihpp [dot] thaigov [dot] net (Email)