Edwine Barasa appointed Nairobi Director of the Kemri Wellcome Trust Research Programme

16 March 2017

Dr Edwine Barasa was selected following a rigorous recruitment process and will now lead the ambitious programme of health systems and public health work.

The Nairobi Programme has an international scope, spanning spatial epidemiology, learning health systems, case management, health economics and policy. It has developed several collaborations that are critical to successful health systems, public health and clinical research in Kenya. These include working with two major public hospitals in Nairobi, a network of hospitals throughout the country and collaborations with the Ministry of Health.

Edwine is a health economist, and currently heads the health economics research unit (HERU) of the KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme, Kenya. His research interests include health financing, economic evaluation, and health system governance. Within RESYST, Edwine is involved in both governance work that is exploring how to nurture everyday resilience of health systems, and finance work that is examining healthcare purchasing arrangements.


Journal publication: The influence of power and actor relations on priority setting and resource allocation practices at the hospital level in Kenya: a case study

Journal publication: Setting healthcare priorities: a description and evaluation of the budgeting and planning process in county hospitals in Kenya

Journal publication: Hospitals as complex adaptive systems: A case study of factors influencing priority setting practices at the hospital level in Kenya

Journal publication: Crises and Resilience at the Frontline—Public Health Facility Managers under Devolution in a Sub-County on the Kenyan Coast

Policy brief: Recentralisation within decentralisation? Improving the functioning of Kenyan hospitals through increased hospital autonomy

Policy brief: Improving priority setting practices in Kenya's hospitals: Recommendations for county decision-makers and hospital managers

Policy brief: Crisis and resilience at the frontline: Coping strategies of Kenyan primary health care managers in a context of devolution and uncertainty