Finding the right person for the job: pro-social motivation and health worker programme

RESYST workshop, 21-22 September, LSHTM

05 September 2017

The session will include a presentation and a chance to reflect on empirical evidence looking at the role of pro-social motivation in influencing the decisions and behaviours of health care workers.

Improving the retention and performance of professional health workers is central to achieving universal health coverage and improving health outcomes. While most efforts are typically spent on designing appropriate work environments and incentives for employed health workers, recent research has identified the importance of selecting the right individuals into the profession, and the role of pro-social motivation in particular.

Through a series of presentations from recent empirical studies and a panel discussion, this workshop will invite researchers and practitioners to reflect on the selection processes used to recruit trainee health professionals as well as individuals into jobs, and their relationships to key aspects of health worker performance.

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