Kara Hanson discusses RESYST’s strategic purchasing research

22 June 2017

In healthcare financing, purchasing refers to the transfer of pooled resources to health care providers on behalf of the population in exchange for health services. It involves three key decisions:

  1. Identification of the interventions or services to be purchased (the benefit package)
  2. Selection of providers from whom services will be purchased
  3. Determination of how these services will be purchased.

Core to the decision-making process is ensuring that all services are available, accessible and of high quality.

RESYST’s co-director, Kara Hanson, discusses her involvement in the strand of health financing research within the consortium. In this video she talks about:

  • The key questions that health financing research is addressing
  • An overview of the multi-country project on Strategic Purchasing
  • Interesting lessons that are emerging from the research
  • How results of RESYST research are being used

RESYST will present on strategic purchasing at the 12th World Congress on Health Economics in Boston in July 2017. Find out more about RESYST’s involvement at the conference here.