New online discussion on evidence to inform policy and practice

22 February 2016

Starting 22 February, HIFA (Healthcare Information for All) will host a six-week long discussion on the use of research evidence to inform policy and practice. Improved health systems that increase access to care are dependent on the successful translation of research into policy and practice. However, bridging the gap between researchers, policy-makers and health workers who implement the policies into practice is challenging especially in low- and middle- income countries.

The topic, which is being sponsored by TDR, WHO and the Lancet, is open to all on the global Health Information for All (HIFA) forums.

On 22 February the first of three discussions begins on evidence-informed country-level policy-making. It will explore:

  • drivers and barriers to the uptake of evidence into policy and practice
  • what has worked and what has not worked in different contexts
  • how to better address challenges in the future (e.g. capacity building, access initiatives, awareness raising around key information sources)

The wider discussion will continue to the end of March 2016. When the content will be summarised and made widely available.

Main questions for discussion:

  1. What is evidence-informed policy-making? Why do countries need it?
  2. Future discussions will explore challenges of policy-making and implementation around specific health issues.
  1. How is policy currently made in different countries?
  2. What are the key challenges for policy-makers?
  3. What mechanisms are in place to support policy-making in your country? Which organisations provide support globally and nationally?
  4. What needs to be done at global and country level to strengthen evidence-informed policy-making?

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