New supplement on resilient and responsive health systems

Published by Health Policy and Planning, the supplement links to the 2016 Fourth Global Symposium on Health Systems Research in Vancouver.

20 November 2017

The supplement reflects the rich discussions held at the symposium on the theme: Resilient and Responsive Health Systems for a Changing World, it includes:

  • 11 papers including 9 original research articles and 2 commentaries;
  • 8 papers addressing aspects of resilience, and 3 of responsiveness;

  • insights from 12 countries, ranging from the most vulnerable (e.g. DRC, Sierra Leone) to the relatively more stable and better off (e.g. Uganda, South Africa, Bangladesh), and providing evidence from two continents—Africa and Asia;

  • studies relating to various aspects of health system functioning, especially health workers, but also use of information technology, management information systems, decentralisation of management, and outcomes of services;

  • Papers testing methodological innovations and exploring conceptual and framing issues.

The papers demonstrate the vitality of health systems research, provide useful information for local and global decision makers, and indicate areas for further development of the knowledge base of health systems research.

RESYST have written a commentary for the supplement that reflects on the current framing of the concept of resilience in health systems discourse and proposes a reframing. Read the full paper: From bouncing back, to nurturing emergence: reframing the concept of resilience in health systems strengthening