The Prince Mahidol Award Conference 2017

The PMAC international conference focusing on policy-related health issues of global significance will be held in Bangkok, Thailand from 29 January - 3 February, 2017.

11 January 2017

The conference is hosted by the Prince Mahidol Award Foundation, the Thai Ministry of Public Health, Mahidol University and other global partners. The theme will be “Addressing the Health of Vulnerable Populations for an Inclusive Society” echoing the vision of the Sustainable Development Goals to “leave no one behind”.

The SDGs have set an ambitious target for a society “that is just, equitable and inclusive, and committed to work together to promote sustained and inclusive economic growth, social development and environmental protection and thereby to benefit all, in particular the children of the world, youth and future generations of the world without distinction of any kind such as age, sex, disability, culture, race, ethnicity, origin, migratory status, religion, economic or other status.”

Conference objectives

  1. To understand the situation, causes and consequences of exclusion on health of vulnerable populations in different contexts

  2. To discuss indicators and how to measure and monitor progress on social inclusion that have yielded better health in the most vulnerable populations

  3. To share experiences in implementation of policy/programs to enhance social inclusion of vulnerable populations in different settings and groups

  4. To advance policy opportunities to make UHC inclusive and accessible for the marginalized through multisectoral engagement, policy coherence and engagement of the marginalized

  5. To draw recommendations to move toward social inclusion to achieve UHC and SDGs