Research uptake workshop in Kilifi, Kenya

25 September 2017

RESYST held a workshop at the Kemri Wellcome Trust Research Programme, led by Becky Wolfe and Sephy Valuks from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, who together are responsible for research uptake and communications for the RESYST consortium.

 Charles Kamau, Kemri Wellcome Trust

The three-day course gave particpants the opportunity to:

  • Develop their own research uptake strategy
  • Plan and write policy briefs
  • Experiment with data visualisation
  • Practice using social media for research uptake

The workshop provided a space for discussing research uptake strategy and the activities organised enabled participants to apply lessons learned to their own projects. Examples from RESYST were shared with the group to illustrate the ways in which we have put our research uptake strategy into action.

Resources from the workshop have been assembled into an open access resource which will be useful for people developing strategic plans for research uptake, writing policy briefs and working with data visualisation and social media.