Mapping RESYST researchers’ influences on policy and practice

A visualisation showing the diverse influences of researchers from KEMRI-Wellcome Trust

RESYST , 2015

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For the past 25 years, health systems researchers at the KEMRI-Wellcome trust have been carrying out studies aimed at strengthening equity in access to affordable, quality care in Africa. Their work often goes beyond conducting research and writing publications – researchers also interact in different ways and with different groups of stakeholders to ensure that findings are used in policy and practice.

A new infographic maps the diverse influences of RESYST researchers based at KEMRI-Wellcome Trust, at county and national levels in Kenya. The graphic links to short video stories of researchers explaining how their work has contributed to policy discussions and decisions.

IMPACT stories:

  • Edwine Barasa: Contributing to Kenya’s health financing policy to increase equity and coverage of services
  • Benjamin Tsofa: Improving health sector planning and budgeting at national and county levels
  • Mary Nyikuri: Engaging with health managers at primary health care facilities to identify and respond to routine challenges
  • Edwine Barasa and Benjamin Tsofa: Ensuring funding flows to county hospitals after devolution
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