New Directions in Health Systems Research

Mylene Lagarde, Duane Blaauw, Di McIntyre, Jane Chuma, Viroj Tangcharoensathien, Lucy Gilson, Sassy Molyneux, Kara Hanson

This research overview applies a critical lens to new and existing issues in health systems research.

The ideas of resilience and responsiveness are central to understanding how health systems can sustain progress in health development and poverty reduction. Resilient health systems withstand shocks and adapt to changing needs, delivering necessary services without placing a financial burden on poor households. Responsive health systems promote dignity in care while recognising differences in need among population groups. Resilient and responsive health systems require a strong foundation of fairly distributed financial and human resources; systems that support equitable, effective and efficient resource mobilisation and service delivery; and governance approaches that enable and sustain these activities by promoting reflective learning and accountability.

Health systems