RESYST webinar: Promoting accountability in the implementation of Nigeria’s National Health Act

April 2016
Benjamin Uzochukwu, Dan Ogbuabor

The National Health Act in Nigeria aims to substantially increase revenue and improve Primary Health Care services through the Basic Health Care Provision Fund (BHCPF). The fund is expected to be channeled through the National Primary Health Care Development Agency and National Health Insurance Scheme.

However, in order for this additional revenue to reach health services efficiently, strategies must be in place to ensure accountability between the different stakeholders responsible for implementing the Fund at national, state, local and health facility levels.

In this webinar, Professor Benjamin Uzochukwu, from the Health Policy Research Group at the College of medicine, University of Nigeria, introduces a framework that RESYST researchers have developed containing mechanisms to strengthen accountability and governance in implementing the BHCPF. He also talks about researchers and stakeholders’ involvement in the development of the policy.

Alongside him, Dr Dan Ogbuabor a politician from Enugu State House of Assembly, discusses progress in implementing the Fund as part of the National Health Act, and the potential role of the framework in this.

Governance Accountability Nigeria