Review of Health Sector Services Fund implementation and experience

Waweru E, Nyikuri M, Tsofa B, Kedenge S, Goodman C, Molyneux S. , 2013
KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme

The Health Sector Services Fund (HSSF) is an innovative scheme established by the Government of Kenya to disburse funds directly to health facilities to enable them to improve health service delivery to local communities.

This paper reviews the experiences of HSSF since its implementation in 2010. It describes the process of implementation including facilities covered, funds disbursed and activities undertaken by the facilities. In doing so, the authors have identified several key issues for consideration in future HSSF planning including:

  • How to strengthen financial management by overcoming delays in receiving funds and reducing the complexity of documentation for facility staff;

  • The challenge of aligning the HSSF legal framework and institutional and management procedures with a devolved system of governance in Kenya;

  • If, when and how to incorporate performance based financing for health facilities.

The paper concludes that there have been impressive achievements with HSSF in terms of ensuring that funds reach facilities, are spent appropriately, and are overseen and used in a way that strengthens community involvement. However, it is recognized that HSSF alone will not be able to ensure high quality service delivery as there are other crucial influences including drug supplies, and availability of qualified clinical staff.

This is a RESYST-related publication produced by researchers from KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme in Kenya. It draws on results from a RESYST-funded study that tracked the implementation and perceived impact of the Health Sector Services Fund in Kenyan health centres. More information

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