Strengthening health policy and systems courses to support health leadership and management development


This report details the processes and outputs of a workshop that sought to generate ideas about how to strengthen the teaching of leadership and strategic management in health policy and systems. The workshop was co-hosted by RESYST and the Collaboration for Health Policy and Systems Analysis in Africa (CHEPSAA).

The meeting brought together educators and health system managers from Africa and elsewhere to explore ways of strengthening the open access, master's-level courses of CHEPSAA. In particular discussions centred around strengthening courses so that they are better able to target and build the knowledge and skills of health system leaders.

For those who are not familiar with the CHEPSAA courses or not currently using them, the meeting was an opportunity to learn more about the courses’ content and approach, as well as to contribute ideas that will shape the future of these open access courses. Those who are currently teaching these courses had the opportunity to learn from each other by sharing their experiences and benefitting from the experiences and perspectives of the wider group.

This report pulls together three days of discussion and provides a conclusion and clear next steps which include building a repository of audio-visual materials and developing a living document on reflective practices.

Participants from Kenya, Mozambique, Sudan, Uganda and Ethiopia reported that the ideas and materials shared during the meeting would feed into their courses. Participants from Nigeria and Ghana offered to share case studies from their countries which will become part of the existing common pool.

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