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Blog - 18 February 2015

Introducing Kelly Muraya: Exploring leadership in health systems in Kenya with a gender lens | by Kelly Muraya

A new Resyst project is looking at leadership and gender. Find out more about the work in Kenya.

Blog - 12 February 2015

RinGs Small Research Grants Recipients: Gender, Ethics, and Health Systems

RinGs recently held a competitive call among our three RPCs – Future Health Systems, ReBUILD and RESYST – to submit proposals for small research grants on gender, ethics and health systems issues relevant to low and middle-income countries (LMICs), and we are delighted to announce the recipients!

Blog - 10 February 2015

Ethics in #resupmeetup: Six things that people are talking about | by Kate Hawkins and Sally Theobald

Some initial feedback from the meeting on research uptake that is taking place in Kenya.

Blog - 02 February 2015

Join our #HSRFCAS Twitter chat! Health workforce strengthening in fragile and conflict affected states | by Natasha Salaria

Open invitation to join a Tweet Chat at 16.00 GMT on Friday 6 February. We are particularly keen that those of you working on gender and health systems in post-conflict and fragile settings have your say.

Blog - 21 January 2015

Gender, rights, equity: Reflections from the Cape Town Health Systems Research Symposium | by Asha George, Rosemary Morgan, Kate Hawkins, Sassy Molyneux, Sarah Ssali, Sally Theobald, Linda Waldman

The third Health Systems Symposium, with its focus on people-centredness, culminated in the Cape Town Statement reaffirming that, “health systems need to be reoriented to respond to people’s emerging health needs, be directly accountable to ordinary people, and respect and ensure the rights and dignity of all people.” Its focus spotlighted power and justice in health systems, but what was discussed about gender, equity and rights? This blog draws on SHAPES members’ documentation and our collective experience of the conference.

Blog - 19 January 2015

Calling Time on Urogenital Schistosomiasis | by Sally Theobald, COUNTDOWN Consortium & Research in Gender and Ethics: Building stronger health systems (RinGs)

I spent many of my teenage years living in Malawi, enjoying swimming in beautiful Lake Malawi. Wind on to age 30, and I was struggling to get pregnant. Eventually, following illness, I was diagnosed with schistosomiasis by a consultant and colleague at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. I was told that I had probably been infected for a while and that it might be affecting my fertility. So I took praziquantel, the only available drug against the parasite, and soon after I was pregnant. Today my first born daughter is 10 years old.

Blog - 16 December 2014

How do we make the post-conflict moment work for improving gender equity in health? | by Esther Richards and Val Percival

From press headlines, television debates and online commentaries, the whole world seems to have understood the significance of building strong and resilient health systems given the recent catastrophic events occurring in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea. But how does gender play a role in health systems reconstruction and how might a gendered lens make health systems more robust after conflict?

Refugee women dancing in DRC
Blog - 12 December 2014

Ten arguments for why gender should be a central focus for universal health coverage advocates | by RinGs Steering Committee

To make universal health coverage (UHC) truly universal we need an approach which places gender and power at the centre of our analysis. This means we need a discussion about who is included, how health is defined, what coverage entails and whether equity is ensured. To celebrate Universal Health Coverage Day RinGs has put together a list of ten arguments for why gender should be a central focus within UHC. If you agree, spread the word. Mail this list to a colleague or put it up on your website. If you think of other arguments in favour of a gender approach do let us know!

cross gender and generational dialogue
Blog - 26 November 2014

Community engagement to tackle maternal mortality in South Sudan | by Sally Theobald

With 2,054 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births, South Sudan has the highest maternal mortality in the world. The SHARP Programme is using community dialogue to better understand and to challenge harmful norms related to gender.

Blog - 17 November 2014

The problem is political. Is the solution technical? | by Linda Waldman (IDS) and Marion Stevens (WISH Associates)

[Editor's note: This blog was originally hosted on the Interactions Eldis blog under the theme Empowerment of Women and Girls]

Blog - 07 November 2014

Let’s Talk about Gender: RinGs attends the Interagency Gender Working Group (IGWG) Plenary Meeting | by Rosemary Morgan and Asha George

There are many exciting gender projects currently being developed or implemented. The IGWG meeting provided a space for some of these projects to be showcased and discussed.

Blog - 05 November 2014

Opportunities and challenges for the world’s first national mobile health initiative | by Linda Waldman (IDS) and Marion Stevens (WISH Associates; and Africa Gender Institute, University of Cape Town)

[Editor's note: This blog was originally hosted on the Knowledge, Technology and Society blog, Institute of Development Studies (IDS), UK, and was first published Thursday, 21 August 2014]

Blog - 15 October 2014

Some reflections on our session on gender and ethics at the Health Systems Symposium | by Kate Hawkins

RinGs aims to synthesize existing research, stimulate new knowledge generation, and support a learning platform that brings people together to work collaboratively on gender and ethics. The Global Symposium on Health Systems Research which happened a couple of weeks ago was a perfect opportunity to hook up with old friends and discover who else is working on the issues we care about.

Rosemary and Eleanor
Blog - 15 October 2014

Gender in Health Systems Research: Some progress but more to do | by Eleanor MacPherson and Rosemary Morgan

We attended the 3rd Global Symposium on Health Systems Research in the beautiful city of Cape Town. We both work in the field of gender and international health and it was great to see some notable discussion of gender in both the plenaries and as well as at dedicated panels. Despite this, we also felt that gender could have been mainstreamed throughout the conference and discussed in the Cape Town Statement.

Blog - 07 October 2014

Winning photo announced | by Asha George

The aim of this competition was to capture the everyday stories of how gender plays out within health systems around the world. Through these visual stories we hope to inspire imagination and provoke assumptions about what gender means for the health systems we engage with. Capturing nuances or startling us; images communicate powerfully and symbolically; in ways that are sometimes more enticing, convincing and memorable, than the tomes of written evidence that may or may not be read or remembered. The photo was taken by Amref Health Africa.

News - 07 October 2014

Honourable mentions in our photo competition

We are delighted to announce the photos that received honourable mentions in our competition.

Blog - 12 September 2014

How participatory is participatory modelling for complex adaptive systems? | by Asha George

[Editor's note: This blog is part of a series of reflections emerging from a workshop on complex adaptive systems research methods held in Baltimore in June 2014.]

News - 20 August 2014

Join us in Cape Town for our panel on gender, ethics and health systems

Like many others we are getting excited about the upcoming Global Symposium on Health Systems Research which will take place in Cape Town at the end of September/beginning of October. If you are attending please do come and join us for our panel presentation, “New frontiers in advancing gender analysis in health systems research: context embedded approaches; intersectionality; and engagement with power and ethics.” The panel will take place on the 3 October, from 0930 to 1100 on the Roof Terrace.

Blog - 06 August 2014

Where is gender in health systems research? | by Sally Theobald

In the lead up to the Global Symposium on Health Systems Research in a few months’ time we’ve seen a renewed focus on health systems from the international development sector in the UK. Is gender a feature of these conversations?

News - 23 July 2014

Ethics & Gender: reflections from the Global Health Bioethics Network Summer School in Malawi by Sally Theobald

Reflections on the Global Health Bioethics Network Summer School

News - 22 July 2014

We want your photos! Gender, ethics and health systems

The aim of this competition, organised by Research in Gender and Ethics (RinGs), a new cross-RPC partnership between Future Health Systems, ReBUILD and RESYST, is to capture the everyday stories of the ways that gender plays out within health systems around the world.


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