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Blog - 08 August 2018

We are excited to support a range of sessions at the Global Symposium on Health Systems Research 2018

The RinGs team are longstanding supporters of Health Systems Global and always enjoy attending their Symposium.

Community health workers from Sierra Leone - (left to right) Dauda Rogers (Bonthe district), Hawa Kamara (Kenema district), Mohamed Koroma (Kenema district) and Bernadette Thomas (Bonthe district)
Blog - 18 July 2018

A reflection on gender issues across programmes in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Democratic Republic of Congo | by Georgina Zawolo

The findings of the ReBUILD/RinGs Community Health Worker (CHW) project were shared and discussed at a one-day dissemination meeting in Freetown, Sierra Leone. The research, used a gender lens to try to identify how CHW cadres in Liberia, Sierra Leone and the Democratic Republic of Congo can be better supported to play an effective and long-term role in broader health systems in fragile contexts. During each country’s presentation sensitive issues surrounding gender surfaced and are reflected on here.

Blog - 13 June 2018

The vulnerability and health research paradox: Ethics, gender, trust and power | by Sassy Molyneux and Sally Theobald

We were delighted to be part of a rich set of discussions on vulnerability, agency and resilience in a meeting organised by REACH in Oxford in May.

Blog - 07 June 2018

Integrating gender into health system strengthening in conflict and crisis-affected settings; what’s in our toolkit?

REGISTER FOR WEBINAR! Friday 22 June 14.00 – 15.30:30 BST

Blog - 22 May 2018

Recognising and celebrating women who work on health in fragile and conflict affected contexts | by Sally Theobald and Kate Hawkins

The global health world does not do a good job of celebrating woman leaders. In their excellent Lancet article Rosemary Morgan and colleagues explained that of seven public health and medicine awards from diverse countries, the chances of a woman receiving a prize was nine out of 100 since their inception.

Blog - 16 May 2018

Exploring experiences of women with disabilities living in poverty with pro-poor health financing policies in Kenya | by Evelyn Kabia

Evelyn Kabia is a recipient of a RinG’s small research grant. She works at the KEMRI Wellcome Trust Research Programme (KWTRP), in Nairobi, Kenya and is a member of the RESYST consortium. Evelyn is working on a project which aims to examine the equity and pro-poorness of Universal Health Coverage reforms in Kenya. In this blog, she discusses how she became interested in incorporating a gender lens in her research work.

Blog - 10 May 2018

Not business as usual: Make health facilities in Uganda friendly for the women with walking disabilities | by Rebecca Racheal Apolot

It is very important for us to remember our commitments towards health care delivery like equitable health systems. Most efforts to improve Maternal and Newborn Health (MNH) outcomes in Uganda have focused on access and quality of care for women in general, paying no attention to special populations like women with walking disabilities with a high likelihood of poor MNH outcomes.

Portrait of a woman from the Sunderbans
Blog - 12 April 2018

Can intersectionality get us closer to Universal Health Coverage? | by Manasee Mishra, IIHMR University, India

Drawing on work from Debjani Barman and her study “Are the Women of Indian Sundarbans Living in Dark: A Gender Analysis of Eye Health Problem” this blog considers how we might 'leave no one behind' in our work on health.

Blog - 29 March 2018

The use of social network analysis to conduct gender analysis in health systems research | by Julie L. Evans

This blog explores the use of social network analysis to conduct gender analysis within health systems research, and explores the question: How has social network analysis been used to uncover "hidden" or "soft" influence and power in health systems research?

Blog - 08 March 2018

A focus on women in the health workforce on International Women’s Day | by Kate Hawkins

Just in time for International Women’s Day 2018 the Gender Equity Hub (coordinated by Women in Global Health and The WHO Global Health Workforce Network) held a hard-hitting webinar on Gender Transformative Approaches in the Health and Social Sectors. Drawing on expert opinion from Africa, Europe and the Caribbean the speakers described a sector in crisis, and one that needs urgent reform if we are to meet the Sustainable Development Goals and other international targets.

Blog - 21 December 2017

Ten reasons to be cheerful | by Kate Hawkins

If you work on women’s rights and gender you may be feeling a little deflated by the last twelve months. It is easy to be demoralised by the stories which rush past our Twitter feed or jump out from newspaper headlines. To cheer myself up I decided to put together a list of RinGs’ top ten accomplishments in the hope that as we head out for the holidays we can keep our chins up and our heads high. I would love it if you could share some of your gender triumphs with us in the comments below. It is nice to celebrate the positives.

Photo of supplement website
Blog - 14 December 2017

NEW SUPPLEMENT Leaving no one behind: the role of gender analysis in strengthening health systems | by RinGs

We are delighted to announce the publication of our journal supplement on gender and health systems research!

Edith Thaulo, Head Nurse
Blog - 07 December 2017

Gender trends at the 2017 Global Forum on Human Resources for Health | by By Kate Hawkins, Sally Theobald, Roopa Dhatt, Sarah Ssali, Rosemary Morgan, Kerry Scott, Kelly Thompson, and Rosie Steege

A few weeks have passed since the 2017 Global Forum on Human Resources for Health which has given some space to reflect on what we heard about gender at the event.

Photo of woman with child by Eduardo Arraes
Blog - 20 November 2017

An online learning resource on gender and health for the European Commission | by Sally Theobald and Joanna Raven

We supported a new open access online learning resource on Gender and Health Systems, drawing on case studies developed in the Building Back Better project. This collaborative process helped to galvanise gender analysis in policy and practice.

Blog - 13 November 2017

Global health emergencies: Bridging the research and practice divide | by Katharine Wright

Blog - 08 November 2017

Gender analysis at the Global Forum on Human Resources for Health

From the 13-17 November 2017 we will be joining like-minded researchers, health care workers and policy makers at the Fourth Global Forum on Human Resources for Health.

Panel - Gender Equality within the Global Health Force
Blog - 03 November 2017

Gender Equality in the Global Health Workforce - working for a new status quo | by Linda Waldman, Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex

In this blog post, Linda Waldman discusses a recent session at the World Health Summit on Gender Equality within the Global Health Workforce, exploring key themes which emerged, how far we've come, and what we can do to bring about change in this area.

Blog - 01 November 2017

How does gender impact the quality of community-level health data? Examples from rural and urban settings in Kenya | by Regeru Njoroge, Rosie Steege and Kate Hawkins

Community health workers labour at the frontline of the health system, yet there is little discussion of the ways in which their role is gendered. In this blog we explore how gender norms and relations effect the quality of data that community health workers collect.

Blog - 06 September 2017

We’re editing a new book on women’s leadership in global health | by Kate Hawkins

There is a growing interest in women’s role in global health leadership. We know that women are the majority of people working to improve health outcomes in communities, health facilities, non-governmental organizations, and multilateral organizations. So why is it that when it comes to leadership positions we have a governance system that privileges men and what can we do to redress the balance?

Blog - 09 August 2017

RinGs at the 23rd Canadian Conference on Global Health

On October 31 we will be running a training, "From gender blind to gender transformative global health research."

Sassy presenting
Blog - 26 July 2017

Global health ethics frameworks, embedded ethics and new approaches to vulnerability | by Bridget Pratt and Sassy Molyneux

We recently attended the 2017 Oxford Global Health and Bioethics International Conference, aimed at promoting multidisciplinary and inclusive discussion of critically important ethical issues in global health. We were excited about several issues pertinent to health policy and systems research ethics discussed during this excellent meeting.

Blog - 22 June 2017

Evidence to accelerate progress toward meeting the need for family planning

Our colleague Sally Theobald will be presenting on building gender equitable health systems in post-conflict and crisis settings.

Blog - 29 May 2017

Webinar: Health Systems Research Ethics

Health systems research ethics is a relatively new and emerging field, with numerous normative and descriptive questions that have largely not been considered. This webinar will explore the ethical issues arising in health systems research projects which may be unique or nuanced relative to biomedical research.


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