Dr Benjamin Uzochukwu

Dr Benjamin S.C. Uzochukwu is a Senior Lecturer and Consultant Public health physician in the Department of Community Medicine, University of Nigeria, Enugu-campus and Department of Health Administration and Management of same institution. He was Medical Officer and Principal Medical officer, Ministry of Health Anambra state between 1986 and 1995 and consulted for WHO Nigeria on integrated disease surveillance and Response between 2000 and 2007.

He holds the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery degrees of the University of Jos, Nigeria (1983), Diploma in Public Administration, Institute of Journalism Enugu, Nigeria (1996), Fellowship of the West African College of Physician in Community Health (1999) and Master of Public Health of the University of Nigeria Enugu-campus (2000). He teaches environmental health to undergraduate and post graduate medical students and Health Policy and Systems to MPH students and undergraduate and postgraduate students of the department of Health Administration and Management.

Dr Uzochuku focuses his research on the effect of decentralization on utilization of primary health care services, impact of user fees on households and exemptions policies; community participation within the context of health sector reform; social determinants of health, family planning issues, rational drug use, economics of malaria and HIV/AIDS control, scaling up malaria and HIV control interventions, and getting research into policy and practice.