Health Policy Research Group


The Health Policy Research Group (HPRG) of the College of Medicine, University of Nigeria, Enugu-campus in Nigeria was established in 2002. HPRG is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in the initiation and conduct of biomedical, public health, and health systems and policy research, to advance the frontiers of medical knowledge. In particular, HPRG has generated new evidence on how to strengthen health system policies and interventions by combining the analytical frameworks of economic and policy analysis, and this has helped both in the design of health policies designed to benefit the poorest in society, but also in their effective implementation.

As an integral part of an established programme in Public Health, Health Economics and Management within the College of Medicine, capacity development in Health Economics and Policy Analysis is one of the prime aims of HPRG. Through capacity strengthening activities, the Group seeks to increase the ability of researchers to identify research needs, undertake research and use findings to influence policy design and implementation.

HPRG has established regular and wide ranging communication and information exchange with policy makers in Nigeria and organizes periodic workshops for local policy makers, civil society organizations and researchers.


Professor Obinna Onwujekwe,
Health Policy Research Group,
College of Medicine,
University of Nigeria Enugu
onwujekwe [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk (Email)