Dr Chinyere Mbachu

Chinyere Mbachu is a community health physician and a fellow of the West African College of Physicians. She is concluding her masters in public health (health management stream) with the University of Western Cape, School of Public Health. She currently teaches the Health management module to undergraduate medical students, and will soon be teaching the Health policy, planning and management module to postgraduate students. She has been working with the Health Policy Research Group (HPRG) of the College of Medicine, University of Nigeria Enugu campus for over four years.

Her areas of interest and expertise include communicable disease epidemiology and management; health policy and systems analysis, research and teaching; and M&E systems development and assessment. She has participated in various national/international research projects and facilitated capacity building in M&E of malaria control activities and curriculum development for postgraduate medical studies. Her research interests are in health systems research, specifically policy analysis, health services research, political economy of decentralization reforms and evidence informed decision making. She has published research articles in reputable international peer-reviewed journals.