Centre for Health Policy

South Africa

The Centre for Health Policy (CHP) is a multi-disciplinary health policy research unit based in the School of Public Health, University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa, with over 15 years of research experience. The primary focus of CHP’s research is to support the development of the South African health system.

As an academic research group, CHP actively seeks to draw together theoretical insights and empirical evidence in understanding health system change and in proposing strategies for future health systems development. Key research areas include: policy analysis, access to health care, human resources for health, health equity and financing. The Centre conducts both independently-funded research projects, as well as commissioned research for theSouth African government and other South African organisations.


Dr Jane Goudge,
Centre for Health Policy,
University of the Witwatersrand,
P O Box 1038, Johannesburg.
jane [dot] goudge [at] gmail [dot] com (Email)