Strengthening the health system through improved quality of care, universal coverage and equitable health financing schemes, is one of the Government’s priorities for health in Tanzania. This requires increased numbers and distribution of health facilities in rural areas, as well as addressing existing health system constraints, in particular the severe shortages of trained health workers.

Donor funding and general tax revenue are the main sources of health financing in Tanzania although out-of-pocket payments, or direct payments to health care providers, still represent a significant share of total health care financing. As part of its commitment towards achieving universal health coverage and financial protection, the Government has sought to expand health insurance coverage in the country. However, the relative merits of this strategy in terms of promoting health equity remain unclear.

RESYST research in Tanzania


  • Researchers will critically assess the performance of health care purchasers in Kenya as part of the RESYST multi-country study on purchasing.


  • We will conduct a detailed investigation of policy implementation experience through work funded a parallel project - Universal Coverage in Tanzania and South Africa (UNITAS)

Member organisations in Tanzania

Ifakara Health Institute

Ifakara Health Institute (IHI) in Tanzania, is one of Africa's most eminent health research organisations. With a history of more than 50 years, IHI is an independent, non-profit organisation,...